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The Australian Government will arrange and pay for your economy class airfare to Australia. The Australia Awards office in Vietnam will arrange your travel from Vietnam and will ensure that awardees arrive on or after the recommended date of arrival as specified in the institution’s placement offer. Return to Vietnam at the end of your travel will be arranged by your institution.

If you qualify for a reunion airfare (unaccompanied in Australia and enrolled for a minimum of two academic years in Australia, including in-Australia preparatory programs), you should contact your Student Contact Officer to arrange travel. Reunion airfares should be used during semester breaks. If you wish to use your reunion break during semester, you must provide the Student Contact Officer with written approval from your faculty or research supervisor for the period of travel, and assurance that it will not interfere with your study program. Your institution will arrange the reunion travel for you.

Please see here for more information on travel arrangements.  


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