The objectives of BEQUAL Phase 2’s COVID-19 strategy are to:

  1. Contribute to the achievement of the Government of Australia’s (GoA’s) Laos COVID-19 Development Response Plan objective of ensuring more students, especially girls and disadvantaged groups, are literate and numerate and have the life skills to contribute more productively to the workforce, and
  2. Apply effective COVID-19 prevention and control measures throughout Phase 2 implementation that:
  • Ensure the wellbeing of the BEQUAL team, Program stakeholders, and implementing partners,
  • Maintain safe continuity of Program delivery towards achievement of targeted outcomes,
  • Are fully aligned with GoA and Government of Lao PDR (GoL) policies, regulations, and education sector development priorities.

Guiding Principles

Five guiding principles, which are aligned to the Government of Australia’s (GoA’s) Laos COVID-19 Development Response Plan, will be applied consistently across all BEQUAL Phase 2 COVID-19 prevention, mitigation, and Program adaptation planning and decision making.

  1. Put the least advantaged first. BEQUAL Phase 2 COVID-19 responses will consider the needs, capacities, and circumstances of the most disadvantaged as a priority. Policies and procedures governing BEQUAL activities will ensure vulnerable stakeholders are protected. Planning and budgeting will address additional support needs required to bridge the gap between advantaged and disadvantaged groups. Program activity designs and implementation will meet stakeholders where they are and leave no-one behind.
  2. Prioritise relevant and sustainable solutions. In line with the above, BEQUAL will only introduce COVID-19 response measures that can be maintained in the longer term. Program activities will be fit for purpose and designed based on the implementation realities of local contexts.
  3. Collaborate to maximise impact. BEQUAL will coordinate across MoES departments, between national and subnational stakeholders, and with Development Partners (DPs) to share successful approaches and lessons learned, amplify the reach and impact of positive interventions, and achieve efficiencies through shared resources.
  4. Apply past lessons to develop future solutions. Phase 2 COVID-19 prevention and control measures will be informed by Phase 1 experience and lessons learned, as well as the experiences and lessons learned of others.
  5. Role model good practice. BEQUAL policies, policies, workspaces, implementation plans, and staff conduct will demonstrate high standards of safety and preparedness.

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