The Ministry of Education and Sports immediately launched a new TV/radio teaching program covering the key primary subjects in response to the schools’ closure

Primary schools closed in Laos on 19th March and the Research Institute for Educational Sciences (RIES) teams started to produce a new TV and radio teaching and learning program on 23rd March to reach out to children while primary schools are closed. The learning content aims to keep students up to speed with the syllabus and ease the impact of suspended classes; it also aims to create awareness for the risk of virus transmission with advice how to protect oneself and demonstration of correct hand washing. The production of this program is supported by the Australian Government and the European Union through the BEQUAL program. RIES teams, including the curriculum writers, the media production team and the e-learning team have been working hard and did not s even slow down during the Pi Mai break to produce on average three video lessons per day.

Ten primary teachers and school principals have volunteered to join the initiative and are taking turns to record their lessons every day. The subjects covered for Grades 1 to 5 are Lao Language, mathematics and English. The new TV program also includes Covid-19 related prevention messages suited to primary class children and messages to encourage good home learning practice, regular reading, correct textbook care and support from their parents. The program is broadcast twice daily on Lao National TV Channel 1, and 5 times a week on Lao National radio FM and AM. Each program comprises two lessons and lasts 30 minutes. Teachers are also using social media and messaging apps for contacting students to support their studies, give homework and check it. The program will continue for the full period of primary school closure.

You can follow the program on:

  • Lao National Television Channel 1: every day, 8-8.30 and 15-15.30
  • National Radio: AM 567 KHz and FM 103.7 MHz , every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 09:00 to 09:30 and Weekends 14:30 to 15:00
  • Facebook pages: Facebook page “Edu-Sport TV online” and “ສື່ເອເລັກໂຕຣນິກ ສຳລັບການຮຽນການສອນ”

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