BEQUAL takes a zero tolerance approach to child exploitation and abuse, in line with the Government of Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Child Protection Policy. All program activities are assessed for risks of child exploitation and abuse so that measures can be put in place to manage or reduce those risks. Child protection and safeguarding is approached as a shared responsibility of the whole team and the program supports Ministry of Education and Sports colleagues, subcontractors and delivery partners to adopt child protection and safeguarding best practices. Key measures in place to ensure BEQUAL supported activities do no harm include:

  • Staff recruitment processes include the requirement that all staff can demonstrate knowledge of child protection and safeguarding good practice.
  • Child protection and safeguarding training is provided to all staff annually.
  • All subcontractors and grantees must provide child protection and safeguarding training for their staff.
  • Informed consent must be obtained for all communications and MEL activities involving children.
  • MoES colleagues at all levels of the education system who are in contact with children receive child protection and safeguarding.