Teaching yoga have many benefits; it will help improves students’ behaviour, physical health and academic performance

Yoga will be introduced in the new Grade 3 Physical Education curriculum to be in schools across the country in academic year 2021. Grade 3 curriculum writers from the Research Institute for Educational Sciences met with certified yoga expert Nilabon Lavongvilay to learn more about the principles and benefits of yoga while receiving an introduction to basic postures. The hands-on practice will enable them to write instruction for the Grade 3 Physical Education Teacher’s Guide.

A growing body of research shows that yoga can improve concentration, memory, self-esteem, academic performance and classroom behavior in primary school learners. Yoga has been shown to build physical strength and improve balance and flexibility. Professional athletes around the world practice yoga to improve focus and help prevent injury during athletic activities. It will also be used to warm-up and cool-down before and after games. The Grade 3 yoga curriculum will build on the basic movement and agility exercises taught in Grades 1-2.

This improvement to the Grade 3 curriculum is part of the national primary curriculum revision led by the Ministry of Education and Sports with the support of the Australian Government and the European Union. The new curriculum focusses on fostering critical thinking skills which are essential for the 21st century works force. It introduces active learning methods which encourage learners to engage actively with the learning content, engage with peers to share ideas, discuss topics of instruction, analyse problems, and create solutions.


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