3 pigs + 2 cows + 3 ducks =?
Have fun learning to count with this new episode of Learn Together

Today for the storytelling time, Ms Misouda and Ms Dadar invited two special guests, Sai-Faa the little puppet monkey and his mum. They will tell you “Monkey gets bananas” a fun rhyme to learn additions. In Ban Paphasouk, the children are also learning to count. They are doing great at using the counters and helping each other. After their math class, they will enjoy a fun art lesson with finger painting. Guess who will come up with such a beautiful sunflower that a butterfly will land on it? And who will end up with more paint on the nose than on the paper? To know what is happening, watch the full episode of “Learning to count”, the latest Learn Together episode.

Learn Together is broadcast every Sunday on Lao TV Channel 3 at 16.45 and PSTV at 10.30 am. All episodes are accessible on YouTube. Learn Together is produced by the Ministry of Education and Sports in collaboration with the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism with support from the Australian Government and the European Union. Get ready to watch on the ຮຽນຮູ້ຮ່ວມກັນ Learn Together Laos YouTube channel. Subscribe and share with your friends!


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