Following the mid-term review in 2017 it was agreed that Phase 1 of BEQUAL would be extended until August 2020 and operate under a modified program logic model (Figure 1, below), which commits BEQUAL to assist Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) with the development of the new curriculum materials for grades 1-2 and to assist MoES with the implementation of the new curriculum nation-wide.

A new delivery strategy for the program was developed by June 2018 with a focus on assisting the Ministry with developing and delivering curriculum materials for grade 1 and 2, developing workshops for familiarising teachers and relevant stakeholders at school levels with the new curriculum materials and pedagogy and developing a grant-based mechanism with which Provinces and Districts would be able to implement the workshops. Consequently, some activities will be phased out after their completion as planned. Key activities such as Pedagogical Advisor (PA) upgrading will be funded by UNICEF, infrastructure will be completed according to the planned budget by March 2019, and learning and experience from access and participation activities implemented by the BEQUAL NGO consortium (BNC) will inform future BEQUAL programming.

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