A new teacher development video to introduce English Phonics has just been released by the Ministry of Education and Sports, with support from Australia

In the new English primary curriculum developed by the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES), with support from Australia through their BEQUAL program, students from Grades 3 to 5 will learn to read and write English using the phonics method.

Phonics helps children understand that there is a relationship between the sounds of an English word, and its letters and spellings in written English. When children understand there is a relationship between letters and sounds, they will develop the ability to decode and read both familiar and unfamiliar words. Indeed, students will be able to decode words by sounding out or saying each individual sound in a word and putting the sounds together to “hear” the word. The phonics approach has also been introduced for Lao language in the new curriculum materials.

Research shows that, when used as part of a broader literacy strategy, systematic phonics instruction is very effective at helping children of all abilities learning to read. Phonics help students progress smoothly, and gradually become confident and independent English readers.

Despite the challenge of the lock-down and due to the inventiveness and resourcefulness of the production teams working from home, the E-learning teams from MoES with support from Australia, through BEQUAL, successfully finalized another new Teacher Development video this week.

This new training video shows the key techniques for phonics teaching, including how to teach a new sound, how to teach letter formation and how to help students apply their knowledge of letters and sounds to read simple words using a skill called blending.

You can find the new video and many others under the YouTube Channel: ວິດີໂອສໍາລັບການພັດທະນາຄູ Teacher Development Videos. All new videos are dubbed in Sign Language to be more accessible to all. Teams from the e-learning, information media center and curriculum writing departments of RIES with support from the Australian Government through BEQUAL are producing these videos to help primary teachers develop their skills in using the new National Primary Curriculum and the new pedagogical approach of active learning.

Video 16 – Introduction to English Phonics


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