Will the leaf float or sink? And the little stone? Have you ever tried to drop objects in the water to see what will happen?

Learn Together is back with a new series of fun and educational episodes! And the latest episode is all about sciences!

Watch “Learning Sciences Together” and hear the captivating story of three animals, an ant, a mouse and a frog trying to escape rising waters. Knowing if the leaf could float like a boat may help them…

The episode will also bring you back to the lovely village of Ban Paphasouk to follow the adventures of our little clay animated heroes. Lar, Juelee and Kham are having fun working together making sciences experiences and recording their observations; but it seems there is a problem between Dee and Payear…

To know what is happening, watch the full episode of “Learning Sciences Together”.

Learn Together is broadcasted every Sunday on Lao National TV Channel 3 at 16.45 and PSTV at 10.30 am. All episodes are accessible on YouTube.

Learn Together is produced by the Ministry of Education and Sports in collaboration with the Ministry of Information and Culture with support from the Australian Government and the European Union.

Get ready to watch on the ຮຽນຮູ້ຮ່ວມກັນ Learn Together Laos YouTube channel. Subscribe and share with your friends!


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