The new sound recording system will enable the Ministry to enhance the quality of their radio program as well as their audio teaching and learning resources production

In June 2022, the Radio Section of the Information and Media Center (IMC) under the supervision of the Research Institute of Educational Sciences (RIES) of the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) installed in their studio a new sound recording system provided by the Government of Australia, through its BEQUAL program. The sound technicians and radio announcers attended a short training on how to use this new modern system. The Radio section of IMC will now have a well-resourced facility to support their work up to the next level.

“Our Team can now use a modern and professional recording equipment that will make the sound more attractive to the listeners. The other sections of RIES coming to use our studio will also be happy with this improvement because our production will be better sound quality” said Teacher Phawady, Head of Radio Section, and Education Radio Program Announcer.

IMC’s studio was established more than 40 years ago. The studio produces The New Education Program broadcasted on Lao National Radio. The program has become the voice of the MoES, sharing the latest information related to education and sports. The studio also produces a wide variety of sound materials to be used with the textbooks and the teacher guide books, educational songs, and news report related to the education sector activities.

With support from Australia through the BEQUAL program, the radio team regularly develop and broadcast news on the progress and achievements of the new primary curriculum implementation and teacher training. They produce radio spots to announce the new curriculum and to promote textbook care. IMC Radio section also participates in the new Role Models project and has recently interviewed champions of active learning, inclusive education and teacher support. The sound studio is also used in collaboration with other RIES team members to record audio materials that teachers could use directly in their classrooms for Lao Language, English, music and physical education lessons.

Everyone can also follow the radio program of the Ministry of Education, which is broadcasted every weekend from 14:30-15:00 at Lao National Radio FM 103,7 MHz and AM 567 MHz at 9:30-10:00 Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


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